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Experienced professional working in the field of next generation perception systems for autonomous vehicles.

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Over the past 6 years I have designed and developed end-to-end artificial intelligence systems for companies in autonomous driving, telecom and IoT. I provide consulting services delivering applications and services related to artificial intelligence, 3D perception data and cloud.

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What I offer

3D Measurement Data Solutions

Perception System Engineering

Azure Cloud Solutions


Most recent Research Papers

Unified Framework for Vision Inference on the Edge

This work proposes a unified platform to generate deep learning models compatible on edge devices from Intel, NVIDIA and XaLogic.


Democratizing Active Safety Systems for Cyclists

This work tries to propose a simple, efficient, and easy-to-make active safety system for cyclists that will act as a third eye.


Deep rectified system for high-speed tracking in images

Deep Rectified System for High-speed Tracking in Images (DRSHTI) is a unified open-source web portal developed for object detection in images.



Scalable and Hybrid Framework for Cyber Threat Situational Awareness Based on DNS, URL, and Email Data Analysis : This work takes the advantage of deep learning architectures to classify and correlate malicious activities that are perceived from the various sources such as DNS, Email, and URLs.


S.P.O.O.F Net

Syntactic Patterns for identification of Ominous Online Factors: This work aims to demonstrate the possibilities of incorporating NLP concepts to cybersecurity use cases and provide future researches a new thinking curve to develop systems in this domain.



Automatic Rogue Email Spotter: his work aims to show the abilities of word embedding have to solve issues related to cybersecurity use cases.


Deep Neural Networks as Feature Extractors for Classification of Vehicles in Aerial Imagery

Here, we identify an optimum classification strategy for the proposed detection system, which is the initial stage of designing a vehicle detection pipeline.


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